Web design and development

Together we can create the most important part of your online activity ... your website! The right platform, training and support are only a part of what you need when you begin but before should be planned and organized to be able to support your ideas.

Mobile Applications

A good idea should not just remain a good idea. We can help you to develop a mobile application to support your business or your idea. Android & iOS app development

SEO - search engine optimization

Over 50% of web site visits are based on Google Search and other search engines. Together we can show your business in the top positions in search engines like Google.

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E-shop design and development

The latest trends in commerce show that it is essential for a shop to hold a counterpart on the web. An appealing and functional eshop can attract a significant number of potential customers and promt them to take the next step, i.e., purchase the product.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

In CreateIdea we can create your professional profile on social networks. We can design your new campaign and suggest innovative ideas that will turn visitors to leads.

Video Production

The video is a set of images and sounds, arranged in the correct order (editing), so as to present a story and view a message to viewers.
We can create a short story, presenting your services, your company, your products, in such way as to offer a top experience for your customers.


Branding is not only to create fresh and unique logos. But enhance customer loyalty for the quality of the products and services offered by your company.


Photographs of your company's products are have very important role to target your customers. We have the expertise to make a product looks beautiful and eye0catching.

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